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The Chronicle that he wrote to Heraclius

From left to right: Heraclius I, and Norge Yosvany
The words make me mad when I can not express. I sneak into his head, and I write in my mind more chronic and chronic. Since last Friday I have dreamed many beginnings and endings, I searched the exact words, and I could not. They found

Heraclius died at home!, I still seem incredible Idania words on the other side of the phone. He has killed more than 24 hours! It should be put up, quickly, then I would urgently Victor. His sister is lying on the floor, but you can not do anything!

was 7 pm on Friday 12 March. All day we had been calling here and there to know Where would the buses to Playa Giron, which would celebrate on Monday the Cuban Press Day.

But he never stood still nowhere, came as an elf, said he had to say, and still, because he always had something else to do, nobody cared much. So late!, When his sister, with whom he lived, said that Heraclius had not gone to sleep the night before.

then entered his house Huey Street Milan, which was only occasionally to rest or read, and found him lying dead.

How can you die like that, so suddenly, someone with so much energy, so life with so many plans? Someone with a heart as big, with that soul was full of goodness that we all want? Apparently

stroke when he took him a thousand problems to solve, rather difficult, as I liked him to continue cinched with life, fighting with the truth, as was his entire existence.

What we found this tiny fast time that we join him at the funeral home run! What urgent goodbye, how sad the funeral at night in the light of the car! Yet

got many friends, flowers and the Cuban flag to cover the closed box containing the body that was always very skinny Heraclea. There

pain, crying sincere, long silences, laments, and that thing of not wanting to believe. I doubt any of those who accompanied him to his final resting place, or those who do not arrive on time but they wanted the same, sad that night has stayed buried in that Heraclea.

I could not write the chronicle. Just hit me on Saturday to write the sad note of his departure that would leave in the news of Radio 26, and answer calls from all over asking, wanting to know.
After preparing the May Day rally of the Cuban Press in Matanzas, home of the UPEC, a day dedicated to a unanimous decision to Heraclea Lazca, the president of all. Together, each wanting to bring the tribute.

And nobody thought that "old", as we call him sometimes, we screwed up the party. Those who wanted to did not have room for other thought than his death, for no other feeling other than the pain. Heraclea

can say very little negative. Maybe they never managed to write the great article, or make the big story, it was better editor and reporter that his voice was not the best. But never did not love journalism, and was not suffering as such, no smell and it lacked sensitivity.

But above all there will always be remembered as the revolutionary he was, since being a kid was facing the Batista tyranny, armed revolts and put bombs. There will be remembered that a rebel was arrested then, and when others faltered strong and vigorous, the scrawny boy endured.

will be remembered always helpful, friendly, willing to share. There will be remembered always with his head high, dignified, honest. There will be remembered irreverent youth who never wanted to leave with the passage of time, sometimes naive and pure, almost like a child.

One of the last Heraclius times I saw him clearly spoke of Cuba's future, what he thought of the economic restructuring, and I was sure that despite the years remained the same revolutionary always clean and fair, as when he began his struggle by 59. Many in Matanzas

maybe were not so close to him remember him as the skinny old man who had a truck assigned and walked on foot, and the evening ended at the Freedom Park his hometown of Matanzas, talking with others as or older than him.

And maybe someone will explain that these "old", among whom was the tireless Heraclea, risking their lives when they went none of us thought birth. Those old have taken their lives so that Cuba is a better country.

Heraclius left, and never told her how much she admired. I feel that it helped him or not I need all the time. But then he liked to grab the job. That made him feel more alive, more important.

Heraclius I do not call me again, or I go crazy with their entanglements. I no longer prompted to enter another speech or a script, and I repeat it ten times. It will not make any of those things you never thought to wonder!

never said I did not vote for him when he was elected to be president of the Union Journalists of Cuba in Matanzas in 2008, and I did not because I wanted it, because I thought it was too much for him almost 70 years. E

not say I did well because he was happy being president of the UPEC, and because after I got up very close to that task. Maybe I would have never forgiven or yes, because he really did not "issue"!

'd give anything now to have a bit of that inner energy that Heraclius had plenty or at least a modicum of altruism. I'd give anything to see him come running to the UPEC, wanting to share their lunch, their coffee ... Maybe my

chronic arrives at the wrong time, messy end to end, but I had to write it to Heraclius to read now that still walks amongst us, fresh, alive thanks to the love we profess.

- Matanzas says goodbye to chairman of its journalists (+ photos)


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